National Wildlife Federation supports action by DNR to mitigate risk, calls for permanent Line 5 shut down

LANSING, Mich. — The National Wildlife Federation today supports recent action by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources requiring Enbridge Energy to provide financial assurances for Line 5 due to the high risk the pipeline poses to our Great Lakes, economy and drinking water. 

"The National Wildlife Federation supports the Department of Natural Resources for taking a first step to hold Enbridge accountable, but the only true way to protect the Great Lakes, and our economy, is to decommission Line 5," said Beth Wallace, Great Lakes Freshwater Campaigns Manager for the National Wildlife Federation. "Michigan's best protection against a potential spill is to remove the risk entirely by shutting down Line 5 without further delay. Governor Whitmer has the power, authority and obligation to mitigate the risk for our Great Lakes by revoking the easement and protecting our water, economy and our way of life.”


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