Clean Economy Coalition of Color Roundtable Discusses Entrepreneurship, Economic Opportunities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Wildlife Federation’s Clean Economy Coalition of Color held its second meeting to discuss entrepreneurship, business ownership, and programs that build community power in the clean economy. The coalition aims to bring together Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and Pacific Islander leaders and advocates of color to discuss and amplify clean economy opportunities that center equitable practices and build wealth among historically marginalized communities.

“Entrepreneurship and business ownership opportunities in the clean power economy have historically left out communities of color,” said Mustafa Santiago Ali, vice president of environmental justice, climate, and community revitalization for the National Wildlife Federation. “Bringing together these insightful voices from the clean power economy is an opportunity to center the voices and priorities of communities of color and build a future where economic opportunities in clean energy benefit those who have been most harmed by fossil fuels, pollution, and disinvestment.”

“This could not be a more important and timely convening.  This is much more than an environmental and social justice movement.  It will also bring an economic transformation, and WE must be front and center ‘leading” at that table,’” said Cathy Adams, president and CEO of the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce.

“We want communities of color to be at the table deciding what the clean energy economy can offer their communities – no one knows what a community needs better than the people living there,” said Angelina Benson-Glanz, director of New Market Initiatives at Elevate. “We have the opportunity to bring together a diverse group of voices to make sure that solutions reflect the communities that they will benefit.”

“There is a historic level of Federal investment in local infrastructure on the horizon that we have not seen in more than a generation, and it is absolutely imperative that we leverage it for all it’s worth towards reparation and restoration,” said Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell.

"Solar Stewards is excited to be a part of a discussion that centers businesses founded and led by people of color in the clean energy economy,” said Dana Clare Redden, founder and CEO of Solar Stewards. “The goal of equity and wealth creation will only be achieved when our value and innovations are recognized and included within the sustainability marketplace." 

 Participants included:

  • Angelina Benson-Glanz, Director, New Market Initiatives at Elevate
  • Michelle Moore, CEO, Groundswell
  • Cathy D. Adams, President & CEO, Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Carla Walker-Miller, Founder & CEO, Walker-Miller Energy Services, LLC
  • Dana Clare Redden, Founder & CEO, Solar Stewards
  • Jacob Crane, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Air Protectors

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