Happy Polar Bear Day!

9 ways to celebrate and help save the imperiled bear

  • NWF Staff
  • Feb 23, 2010
February 27th is International Polar Bear Day. Take a moment to celebrate these bears and learn a bit more about them.

1. Speak up for America's polar bears

Polar bears in the Hudson Bay are in danger of dying out completely as global warming melts away the ice they depend on to hunt for food. Speak up to ensure the Clean Air Act can help these bears!

2. Read all about it

Learn about polar bears at NWF's Wildlife Library, then find out how the bears are coping with global warming (hint: not well).

3. Bake "cubcakes"

Get step-by step directions for creating adorable (and delicious!) polar bear cupcakes.

4. Adopt a polar bear

Adopt your very own polar bear (symbolically, of course!) and help change the forecast for wildlife.

5. Get crafty with this polar bear snow gauge

Try out this quick and easy polar bear snow gauge craft, a perfect project for a snow day home with the kids.

6. Plant a tree

Express your love of the Earth and hope for its future with this Adopt-an-Animal polar bear ornament.

7. Immerse yourself in an intimate portrayal of one polar bear's life

Wapusk: White Bear of the North includes images from acclaimed wildlife photographer Dennis Fast, showing the life of one majestic bear in the Arctic north.

8. Send an eCard

Our free polar bear e-card allows you to wish all your friends "Happy Polar Bear Day!"

9. Make a donation to NWF

Day in and day out, NWF works to protect polar bears and other imperiled animals. Please support NWF by making a donation today!

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