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April–May 2012

National Wildlife® // April–May 2012 Issue

Gulf Disaster "Far From Over"

Two years later, scientists still finding oil and dying animals

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Action Report: April/May 2012

How National Wildlife Federation Is Making a Difference

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Changing Climate Erodes Genetic Diversity of Mountain Chipmunks

New evidence links global warming to genetic effects in a mammal species for the first time

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Conservation: Cultivating Sensible Solutions

The U.S. Farm Bill’s conservation programs are sound investments, yet they’re at risk as Congress considers slashing funding for the law

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NWF View

We Must Care for the Oceans

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When Carnivores Come Calling

By following a few practical rules, homeowners who live in areas where predators range can still have safe, wildlife-friendly yards

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Bird-Watching: Making the Most of Migration

A top North American birder shares tips for finding birds during their biannual migrations

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Candid Cameras

Three nature photographers share their secrets for getting great images of backyard birds

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Natural Inquiries: The Key to Chipmunk Chatter

These striped rodents emit squeaks that other animals monitor for warnings, but those aren’t the only danger signals chipmunks are sending

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News of the Wild

Bird-Eating Sharks, Urban Bees and Tiny Spiders

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Frogs Need Our Help, So Hop to It!

Put out a wet welcome mat for nature’s choir in your yard and beyond

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Making Amends with Box Turtles

Gardeners can cultivate safe havens for the declining reptiles—and get rid of some troublesome pests in the process

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Certified Success

A scientific study finds that NWF certified habitats provide more habitat and sustain more wildlife than do other properties located nearby

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Education: Not the Same Old Schoolyard

NWF’s schoolyard gardening program provides students not only with new conservation skills but also with improved test scores

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Photo Gallery: Backyard Bird Images

Photographers featured in National Wildlife magazine share more of their images, and tips, with readers online

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