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December 2011–January 2012

National Wildlife® // December 2011–January 2012 Issue

Action Report: December/January 2012

A look at how NWF and its affiliates are making a difference for wildlife and wild places

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Be Out There and Give a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

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Conservation: An Otterly Amazing Comeback

With the help of scientists, wildlife managers and fishermen, the North American river otter has returned to many U.S. states, only to once again be fighting old adversaries

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Restoring a Prairie Icon

Working with partners, NWF has launched an effort to restore wild bison to a key piece of Montana range

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Tar Sands Trouble

Increasing production and transportation of low-grade oil from Alberta threatens a wide range of North American wildlife

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Natural Inquiries: The Bull Shark's Double Life

Three of the planet’s nearly 400 species of shark are responsible for most of the unprovoked traumatic attacks on people; one of them can survive in freshwater

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News of the Wild

Predators, Snakes and Bats

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Setting a Winter Table for Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the native flowers in your garden, leave the seed heads and stalks standing until spring for birds to feast on

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