The National Wildlife Federation

February–March 2012

National Wildlife® // February–March 2012 Issue

Action Report: February/March 2012

How National Wildlife Federation is Making a Difference

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Restoring Ancient Partnerships

Decades of conservation have reunited three of Hawai‘i’s most endangered plants with birds coevolved to pollinate and disperse them

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NWF View

Sustaining the World’s Forests

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Conservation: A Law That Keeps On Giving

An ingenious, 75-year-old federal law has funneled billions of dollars into state wildlife and outdoor recreation programs

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Conflict at Powder River

Conservationists, ranchers and tribal allies are fighting to stop a mine that would rip more than 1.3 billion tons of coal from nearly pristine Montana prairies

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The Wanderer

New studies suggest that the secret to winter survival for some Arctic foxes is their incredible ability to keep on the go for months on end

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Leaping Lizards!

This leap year, celebrate what we are learning about these and other amazing animals that make the most of their self-catapulting capabilities

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News of the Wild

The hum of hummingbird tails, exploding ants and climate change altering owl colors

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Valentine’s Day: Wild about Red

We see red on Valentine's Day, and there may be good biological reasons for doing so

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Environment: Air Pollution Makes Scents

Are industrial pollutants and farm chemicals interfering with the ability of bees to find food?

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Your Health: Healing Gardens

Flower power can transform bleak houses into inspiring Edens that nourish the mind, body and spirit

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Images on Ice

A fearless photographer travels into the depths of winter to take pictures of harp seals above and below the Canadian ice shelf

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