The National Wildlife Federation

April–May 2013

National Wildlife® // April–May 2013 Issue

Action Report: April/May 2013

How NWF is Making a Difference

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NWF View: Can You Imagine a Better Future?

Leaving a legacy for our children and wildlife

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Return of the Mighty Pygmy Rabbit

After sitting on the edge of extinction, North America’s smallest rabbit is taking short hops toward a rebound in Washington State

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Apex Predators are Taking It to the Top

Large animals at the top of food webs may have as much influence shaping ecosystems as those at the bottom

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News of the Wild

Bumblebees Seek Biodiverse Blooms

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Creating Bird-Friendly Urban Landscapes

By helping birds, residents of cities and suburbs can contribute to conserving biodiversity

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Catering to Butterfly Royalty

Climate change may disrupt the chemistry of milkweeds; gardeners can help monarchs by planting more of these critical host plants

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The Case for Summer Bird Feeding

Feeders help nurture our feathered friends during the warm months while providing hours of bird-watching pleasure

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Final Frame: Learning Curve

Wildlife photographer captures a tufted titmouse chick taking a tumble while learning to fly

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Incredible Images: Prairie Dances of Grassland Grouse

For more than a decade, a photographer has documented the magical mating rituals of these captivating birds

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