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August–September 2013

National Wildlife® // August–September 2013 Issue

Action Report: August/September 2013

How NWF is making a difference

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Mines Imperilling Bull Trout

American Indian tribes are leading promising efforts to save Montana fish populations

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NWF View: The Power of Blue and Green

High-efficiency vehicles are a boon to the economy and the environment

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Supporters: Music Maverick Alec Wilder Lived by His Own Melody

How a songbird inspired a composer to give back to nature

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Wildlife Feels the Heat

A changing climate is raising temperatures and prolonging droughts, making survival more difficult for North American wildlife

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By a Nose: Birds' Surprising Sense of Smell

Biologists are discovering that many avian species rely on scent for feeding, breeding and other behaviors

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On the Trail of Native Bees

With no paid staff or budget, a federal biologist launches an effort to assess the status of more than 4,000 wild bee species—animals vital to both agriculture and healthy ecosystems

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News of the Wild: Are Brown Bears Descended from Polar Bears?

One study shows on Alaska's ABC Islands, this is indeed the case

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Become a Purple Martin Landlord

Declining over parts of their range, these insect-eating, winged tenants need nest boxes now more than ever

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Final Frame: Snap Shot

A young snapping turtle allows a photographer to take its best side

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Dazzling Images of the Nocturnal Gray Fox

A camera-toting biologist captures images of “one of the most mysterious, striking and unusual canids in the world”

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