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February–March 2013

National Wildlife® // February–March 2013 Issue

Action Report: February/March 2013

How NWF is Making a Difference

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Bermuda's Born-Again Petrels

Conservationists are racing to build up new populations of this island's national bird, once believed extinct for nearly 400 years

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NWF View: Wake Up! It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been

Two reports warn: critical threshold passed, 4-degree C warmer world must be avoided

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Cougars: On the Trail of the Ghost Cat

Researchers studying the elusive movements of cougars are learning that the cats' behavior may reflect changes in their habitat

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Putting a Price on Nature

Some researchers hope that calculating dollars-and-cents values for ecosystem services will win stronger support for conservation

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News of the Wild: February/March 2013

Coyotes make loyal mates and reliable parents

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Nonnative Plants: Ecological Traps

Offering alluring habitat for songbirds, exotic plants may actually decrease the animals' long-term survival and fitness

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Gardening With a Good-Neighbor Policy

These 10 steps will help avoid misunderstandings about natural landscaping while encouraging other homeowners to try the techniques

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Wildlife Photography: Final Frame

Wolf Family Ties

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Photo Story: Alaska's Polar Bears on the Edge

Photographer Steven Kazlowski has spent 13 years capturing images of polar bears, learning many of their secrets and the dangers they

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