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October–November 2013

National Wildlife® // October–November 2013 Issue

Action Report: How National Wildlife Federation Is Making a Difference

October/November 2013

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Tar Sands Time Bomb in the Great Lakes?

An oil company plans to send more tar sands crude through aging pipelines, putting human and ecological health at risk

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NWF View: A Bipartisan Call for Climate Action

Will we have the courage to address climate change before it is too late?

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Shorebirds' Fate Hinges on Horseshoe Crabs

Along the coast of Delaware Bay, thousands of migratory birds depend on an ancient annual rite besieged by modern threats

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Supporters: Keeping an Eye Out for Nature

New Jersey donors lay out the welcome mat for wildlife on 54 acres

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Crafty Mussels Use Mimicry and Muscle

North American freshwater bivalves use surprising methods of deception to help their young survive in a tough underwater world

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News of the Wild

The Culture of Cetaceans

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Rattlesnakes on the Hunt

Western diamondback rattlesnakes maintain surprisingly complex relationships with ground squirrels, birds and each other

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Thwarting Backyard Squirrels

Tips for outwitting these clever thieves at your bird feeders

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Final Frame: A Tiger Moth's Balancing Act

A photographer captures an image of this close encounter

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