Slideshow: Spectacular Winter Wildlife

Take inspiration from these animals adapted to stand the cold and become a winter wildlife watcher

  • Anne Bolen
  • Feb 05, 2013
DOES CHILLY WEATHER make you feel like you want to hibernate? Winter actually can be the best time to see and photograph wildlife, as leaves are less likely to block your view and some animals against white snow are easier to spot. Others, like some featured in this slideshow, become white in winter so they can use snow for camouflage.

Take some inspiration to get moving outside from animals that have adaptations so they can be active in the cold. You never know what surprises you might find around the next hill, tree or rock. And don’t forget to take your camera so you can submit your photos to National Wildlife's annual photo contest beginning April 1. Each one of these images was a photo contest entry, and yours could be the next winning shot!

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