The National Wildlife Federation

August–September 2014

National Wildlife® // August–September 2014 Issue

Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

Promoting wildlife-friendly energy, a guide for combating climate change, protecting the Great Lakes, a new NWF affiliate, and more

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NWF Welcomes New President and CEO

Collin O’Mara aims to inspire all generations to conserve nature

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NWF Supporter Extols NWF Education

College professor and entomologist praises the Federation's education efforts

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An NWF View from NWF's New President

Protecting wildlife has never been more important

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Saving the Red Wolf

Coyotes and poaching threaten the only U.S. red wolf population, but NWF and its North Carolina affiliate are helping to save them

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Sea Change for Sea Turtles

Sea turtles nesting in the southeastern United States are recovering, but the ancient reptiles still face formidable threats.

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Breeding Bird Survey Takes Birders to the Streets

Chandler Robbins created an annual volunteer bird survey that is now the best source of population trends for hundreds of species

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Dolphin Tale 2: An Inspiring Tale of a Tail

The only dolphin fitted with a prosthetic tail fluke is not only an acclaimed movie star but an inspiration to humans.

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Dragonflies are Dangerous Beauties

Despite their dainty appearance, these backyard visitors are voracious predators

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News of the Wild: Crocodiles

Crocodiles and alligators use twigs to bait birds

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Seeing Sea Turtles

Check out these easy-to-reach spots to watch sea turtles lay eggs on beaches in the southeastern United States

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Helping Backyard Birds Beat the Heat

Equipped with adaptations for keeping cool, birds still can use some help from humans during the long, hot summer

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NWF Certified Community is the Cat's Cradle

South Carolina’s Kiawah Island is home to one of the United States' densest bobcat populations

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Final Frame: Gulp!

A tiny Arctic tern bites off more fish than he can swallow in this feeding-frenzy photo

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