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December 2013–January 2014

National Wildlife® // December 2013–January 2014 Issue

Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

How NWF is Making a Difference

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Digging Into a Dirty Coal Deal

A plan to ship low-quality Montana coal to China is putting vast prairie habitat, critical both to wildlife and to Indian cultural traditions, at risk

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NWF View: The Need for More Cover Crops

Restoring Soils to Protect Our Future

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NWF Supporter: Taking Action for Endangered Species

This creative, 11-year-old California girl turned her birthday party into a commitment to protect wildlife

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Building a Sustainable Cattle Ranch on the Range

A new generation of progressive ranchers is pushing another product alongside its grass-fed beef: conservation

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Hibernation: The Big Sleep

Scientists studying this phenomenon are finding promise for human medical applications

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Don't Kiss Off Mistletoe

This widespread plant parasite plays a critical role in the lives of birds and mammals

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Make Winter Your Top Birding Season

By providing the food, water and shelter birds need, homeowners can enjoy some of their best backyard birding during cold months

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