The National Wildlife Federation

June–July 2014

National Wildlife® // June–July 2014 Issue

Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

Protecting public lands, a farm bill "worth the wait," a win for ...

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Using Mobile Devices in Fieldwork

Scientists are employing vision-recognition programs to track thr...

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Images of Animals NWF is Working to Protect

A portfolio of striking NWF member photos featuring keystone spec...

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NWF Supporter: Craig Newmark Builds a Virtual World to Solve Real Problems

Founder of craigslist branches out to help squirrels, owls and pe...

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NWF View: Our Secret Weapon

Nature may be the ultimate trump card in winning the battle to ge...

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News of the Wild

Coyotes Cause Cats’ Caution

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Backyards + Birds = Pretty Pictures

If you are just getting started in wildlife photography, the bird...

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Model Behavior: Crested Black Macaques

Wildlife photographers capture intimate portraits of one of the w...

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Final Frame: Seeing Double

A photographer catches a mirror image of a black skimmer slicing ...

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The Cat that Loves Water

Determined scientists and photographers finally capture images of...

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No Swan Song for the Trumpeter

A scientist takes the first photographs celebrating the return of...

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