The National Wildlife Federation

August–September 2015

National Wildlife® // August–September 2015 Issue

President's View: Working Hard for Cleaner Waters

NWF cohosts announcement of Clean Water Rule

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Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

From Minnesota's Boundary Waters to West Virginia's rivers, NWF i...

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Foul-Water Season: Summer Algal Blooms

Increasing in size and severity, harmful algal blooms threaten bo...

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A Blue Mindset for Ocean Conservation

A marine biologist champions an unconventional approach to saving...

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When Water Is Gone

Historic drought leaves western wildlife desperate for a drink

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Purging Trout to Save Frogs

A controversial fish-removal effort pits some anglers against con...

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Beavers: Masters of Downfall

How do beavers fell trees in a preferred direction? A 10-year stu...

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News of the Wild

Sharks blooming late, social life of pandas, fish that are master...

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Gardening for Wildlife: Corralling the Rain

Rain gardens offer a natural solution to runoff pollution

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A Photographer's Close Encounter

Coming eye to eye with the world’s most mysterious whales

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Final Frame: Ahhhh... A Chipmunk Oasis

A photographer catches an image of a chipmunk quenching its thirs...

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Nature’s Witness: Diving Gannets

A photographer captures a stunning underwater photo of these bird...

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