The National Wildlife Federation

February–March 2015

National Wildlife® // February–March 2015 Issue

Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

NWF, its affiliates and partners are working for wildlife, from returning bison to tribal lands to protecting deer from disease

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The Great Marsh: Nature's Flood Insurance

How NWF and its partners are helping to bolster coastal Massachusetts’ best defense against natural disasters

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NWF President View: Building Resilience

Bolstering natural infrastructure to protect communities and wildlife against the effects of a changing climate

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Birds Moving North

As winters get warmer, birds once rare at northern backyard feeders are becoming more common during the cold months

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Why Birds Need Native Trees

The Carolina chickadee is giving scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on food available for breeding birds

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News of the Wild: Ticks Thought to be Killing Moose

Parisitism causing adults and calves to be the "walking dead"

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Snowy Owl Snowstorm

A landmark study of snowy owls in the Lower 48 reveals surprises about an iconic Arctic bird

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Urban Wildlife Bounty

Research reveals cities support a surprising wealth of species

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Junipers Help Birds Cope with the Cold

These native trees provide wildlife a steady supply of food and shelter from harsh weather conditions

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Photo Story: Fragile Footing in the Alaska

An Arctic fox trails a polar bear across the tundra

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Final Frame: Brown Bear Greeting

A photographer gets a great photo-and a wave-from an Alaskan bear

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