The National Wildlife Federation

August–September 2016

National Wildlife® // August–September 2016 Issue

Let There Be Night

National parklands offer some of the last, best places to see truly dark nighttime skies

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Hawai‘i at the Crossroads

Site of this year’s World Conservation Congress, the Hawaiian Islands present a microcosm of global environmental challenges

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President’s View: Time for a New Conservation Model

Blue Ribbon Panel forges a plan to save America's wildlife

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Twilight for Sea Stars?

Scientists may have finally discovered what is killing millions of these keystone marine predators

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Working for Wildlife

From keeping dirty coal in the ground to preventing a potential environmental disaster, NWF and its affiliates make a difference

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News of the Wild

Polar bears swimming for their lives, birds' speedy vision, gator guards and more

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Nature's Witness: Spider Jump Shot

An entomologist and photographer hopes to inspire love of his favorite subjects

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Shared Moment: A Pika with Pint-sized Purpose

A photographer captures a quick photo of a mountain dweller

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