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June–July 2017

National Wildlife® // June–July 2017 Issue

Bringing Back the Light

Amid reports of firefly declines, you can help these iconic summe...

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President’s View: To Save a Species, Save Its Habitat

Spotlighting habitat corridors and unprecedented wildfires

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Scorched Earth

With new “megafires” altering our forests, scientists scramble to...

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Working for Wildlife

Saving wetlands, honoring conservation leaders, fighting coal-por...

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Mammals in Motion

Nine amazing images capture a law of nature: Survival demands mov...

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Nature’s Jewels

More than mere decoration, iridescent hues often serve a vital pu...

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News of the Wild

Tiny undersea pollinators, pinpointing monarch birthplaces and mo...

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Nature's Witness: Rare Encounter

A photographer enjoys a rare sighting of a black panther in the w...

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Getting Youth to Focus on Nature

Seven tips from a pro for turning tech-fixated kids into wildlife...

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Natural Wonders: The Day the Sun Disappears

It’s coming! On August 21, for the first time since 1918, a total...

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Shared Moment: Circle of Life

A wasp displays egg-laying artistry

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