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October–November 2017

National Wildlife® // October–November 2017 Issue

Celebrating America’s “Great Land”

In the 150 years since the United States purchased Alaska, Americans have taken extraordinary steps to protect its wildlife and wild lands

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President's View: Making the Case for Conservation

Building on America's conservation successes to protect a legacy of wildlife and wild lands

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Farewell to the World’s Smallest Tarantula?

An endangered spider struggles to survive as the forest changes in its Appalachian home

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Working for Wildlife

NWF and affiliates' new vision to save wildlife, protecting the "birthplace of rivers" and more

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Bane—or Blessing?

How an urban rookery in California stirs both distress and delight

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Out of Time?

Mountain caribou are vanishing, but conservationists aren’t giving up

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News of the Wild

Whale calves "whisper," one of the largest aerial migrations and more

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Oh, What Tangled Webs They Weave

Intricate, alluring and often deadly, spiderwebs reflect their makers’ goals

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The Cat Conundrum

Tens of millions of free-roaming felines take a huge toll on wildlife; what to do about them has spawned battles from coast to coast

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A Helping Hand for Early Bees

This fall planting season, don’t forget about flowers that early emerging pollinators need

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Nature's Witness: Living Color

A photographer captures a stunning image of a brittle star garden

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Shared Moment: You’re getting sleepy ...

A photographer captures the penetrating gaze of a Galápagos short-eared owl

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