2019 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

National Wildlife's 2019 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

WHY TAKE PICTURES? For most of us, it’s a way to log our memories and share our lives. For wildlife photographers, it’s a passionate mission—to reveal what’s often unseen and ignite human compassion for the natural world we’re all bound to protect. Nature lovers from around the world entered more than 23,000 images in the 48th annual National Wildlife® Photo Contest. Our panel of judges selected the photos displayed below as honorable mentions. These images, and the winning photographs, reflect the passion and craft of photographers whose vision brings nature to life. Some painstakingly planned a shot, using trial, error and patience to capture it. Others transformed a lucky moment into something unforgettable. And all of them help us see and feel that the natural world is worth our vigilant care.

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