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Eastern Box Turtle by Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures

Leave the Leaves

By Laura Tangley

Savvy gardeners know that keeping fallen leaves on their property benefits wildlife and the environment.

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Sharp-shinned hawk by Jason Hunt (AP Photo/Coeur D'Alene Press)

When Birds Become Bird Food

Tips to deter--or enjoy--hawks that visit your feeders to prey on songbirds.

Backyard Visitors

Opossum by Gordon and Cathy Illg (Animals Animals)

Give Opossums a Break

Why it makes sense to make way for opossums in your garden.

Gardening Tips

Butterfly on Coneflower

Native, or Not So Much?

Native plants transformed into flashy “nativars” may look pretty, but are they good for wildlife?


Eastern Bluebird by Thomas McDowell

Why Communities Matter

Sometimes it takes a village to make a difference for imperiled wildlife.

Healthy Gardening

Tick by Animals/Animals

The Tick Predicament

Tips to thwart these parasites without harming wildlife or your garden.

Backyard Photography

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyard Photo Tips

If you are just getting started in nature photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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