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Chickadee by Steve Gettle (Minden Pictures)

Help Birds Weather the Winter

By Melissa Mayntz

Fatty foods and fluffy feathers benefit the animals, but backyard birds can use our help during the cold months.

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Sawfly Larvae by Piotr Kwatera

Photo Contest Winners

Winners were chosen from thousands of entries in seven categories, including Birds and Backyard Habitats.

Backyard Visitors

Opossum by Gordon and Cathy Illg (Animals Animals)

Make Way For Opossums

It makes good sense to welcome North America's only marsupial as a valued member of your garden menagerie.

Gardening Tips

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Set a Winter Table For Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the flowers in your garden, leave seed heads and stalks standing until spring for native wildlife to feast on.


Monarch on milkweed by Victor R. Quintanilla

Battle for Butterflies

Gardeners are joining the fight to bring back North America's dwindling migratory monarchs.

Schoolyard Habitats

NASA Goddard Schoolyard Habitat by Debora McCallum

Educating Tomorrow's Naturalists

NWF's Schoolyard Habitats® program moves beyond traditional schools to introduce more children to wildlife.

Backyard Photography

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyard Photo Tips

If you are just getting started in nature photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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