Investing in a Healthy Future

We have the solutions to protect people and wildlife, mitigate climate change, and make communities more resilient to its impacts. You can help get us there by investing in and advocating for clean energy and nature-based solutions.

The global climate crisis is the defining challenge facing wildlife and people alike. The National Wildlife Federation advances ambitious and equitable national policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, remove carbon dioxide emissions naturally and through new technologies and to speed the transition to zero-carbon energy production. By expanding use and access to clean energy, we can improve the environment and health of our communities to give people and wildlife a more stable climate.

Clean energy and climate strategies can be down to earth. Whether it’s planting urban trees, restoring a native prairie, or harnessing offshore wind power, nature has great ability to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce emissions to help heal our planet—if we give it some help. And it is imperative that we ensure climate solutions benefit everyone equitably, including historically disenfranchised, frontline and fossil fuel-dependent communities.

The National Wildlife Federation is dedicated to advancing solutions that help accelerate the transition to renewable energy in order to build a just, equitable, clean energy future for wildlife and people.

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Let's Thrive Together: Partners in Sustainable Investing

We’ve partnered with New York Life Investments to provide our friends and supporters a compelling investment opportunity that seeks to enhance your portfolio’s potential while helping us advance our mission. The IQ Cleaner Transport ETF (CLNR) from IndexIQ, a New York Life Investments company, invests in stocks of global companies that are contributing to the advancement of more sustainable transportation through cleaner energy products and solutions. Investing in CLNR can not only benefit you, it can help protect wildlife, people and our planet.

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