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Modern living is filled with electronic gadgets. Cell phones are practically a standard accessory, computers aid in jobs and PDAs are a "must-have." While the high-tech industry has a relatively "green" reputation compared to some other industries, there are many environmental impacts of these devices. Metals are mined, minute parts are treated by chemicals. These devices have limited life spans and are difficult to recycle because they are made from many different materials.

With nearly one billion pounds of electronics being discarded in the United States each year, the National Wildlife Federation has partnered with Access Recycling to help you recycle your electronics.

We Accept:

  • Cell Phones: There are 130 million cell phones that become obsolete on an annual basis in the United States. All makes and models can be recycled, including accessories and batteries.

  • Inkjet and Laser Toner Cartridges: 250,000 million pounds of toner waste ends up in U.S. landfills annually. Over 275 cartridge models from 23 major brands are reusable (*Note: we do not accept Epson brand inkjet cartridges.)

  • Laptop Computers: 133,000 computer systems become obsolete every day in the U.S. The majority end up in landfills, along with the several pounds of lead and mercury that they contain. All makes and models are accepted. (Please include power cord and docking station if available.)

  • PDAs (i.e., Palm® pilots): All makes and models of hand held assistants are accepted. (Please include stylus and docking station.)

  • iPods and MP3 Players: Send all working and non-working used iPod's and MP3 players, including accessories such as chargers, USB cables, batteries and extra casings.

  • Desktop Computers and Monitors: Our recycling partner, Access Recycling, offers free pick-up of desktop computers and accessories for quantities of at least 60 items. For more information on large volume recycling, please call 1-866-277-1177 or visit the Access Recycling website.

How to Recycle Your Electronics

Fewer than 60 items? Please email or call 1-866-277-1177 and let us know what you need to recycle. We'll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label that will enable you to send in recyclable electronic items at no cost to you. Each label covers up to 30 pounds of items per box. When you receive your label, package your electronics safely and mail to:

National Wildlife Federation
C/O Access Recycling
451 W 69th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

More than 60 items? Find out how to schedule a pickup with Access Recycling


To learn more, contact Access Recycling at 1-866-277-1177, or email

>> Frequently Asked Questions about recycling electronics.

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