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National Wildlife Federation Gulf Coast Volunteers

Thank you for supporting our ongoing work to protect Wildlife in the Gulf.

Replanting marsh grass - Bayou Savauge NWR 

We want to give a huge thanks to our thousands of volunteers! In response to the 2010 BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico,  National Wildlife Federation quickly mobilized volunteers on the ground. With support from members, donors and sponsors, NWF trained over 250 individuals to conduct on-the-ground wildlife surveys from Texas to Florida – over 2,500 miles. This network of volunteers reported their GPS coordinates and the nature of their observation, often the first to spot signs of oil or wildlife in danger.

Restoring the Gulf, as well as other damaged ecosystems, is a long-term and ongoing process. Volunteers are critical to effecting change and reestablishing healthy and balanced ecosystemsNWF hosted a series of on-site restoration events in the spring of 2011 and will continue to engage volunteers in hands-on restoration and invasive species removal. 

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Protect and Support Healthy Wildlife & Habitat in Your Community

You don’t have to venture to another part of the country to help wildlife. In your own community, you can be an advocate for change and safeguard wildlife by volunteering with NWF. Here are a few of the opportunities you can participate in:

  • Be an Ambassador for Wildlife - Work with local communities to educate individuals on action they can take in their area to help wildlife, such as tabling at events, speaking to school groups or youth groups, presenting to local civic groups or assisting with fairs and festivals. Contact for more information.

  • Be a Steward in Your Community – Join NWF’s volunteer corp and help create and sustain wildlife habitat gardens at schools, business and community locations such as libraries, community centers and more. Learn the skills on how to create a wildlife garden. Contact for more information. 

  • Create Wildlife Habitat in Your Own Backyard – Protect wildlife in your own backyard by creating your own oasis. Many migratory species need your home as a waystation. Give them a hand by providing food, water, cover and a place to raise their young--turn your garden into a haven for wildlife.


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