Clean Water Under Attack – Again

"We encourage Congress to work towards protecting our waters, rather than making them more vulnerable."

Today, the House voted in favor of a resolution aimed at blocking the Clean Water Rule, which clarifies which streams and wetlands are covered by the Clean Water Act. Yesterday, the House voted on a similar piece of legislation to block the Stream Protection Rule, the first major effort in decades intended to protect waters from polluting mining practices.
Both votes are largely for show as the White House has promised a veto on both pieces of legislation. Congress is unlikely to have the votes to override either veto.
Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, commented on the House attacks on clean water this week.

"By overwhelming margins, Americans want to see their streams and drinking water protected, not polluted or destroyed. Today’s vote defies the will of the American people.
"We thank the representatives who sided with clean water this week, but it’s hard to understand why these bills were brought to the floor at all. In a year that has seen record algal blooms, droughts and floods, we encourage Congress to work towards protecting our waters, rather than making them more vulnerable.

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