President Obama’s Monument Designations Are Invaluable To Wildlife

New Monument Designations Show Enduring Relevance Of The Antiquities Act

President Obama recently designated three new national monuments in California, setting aside millions of acres under the Antiquities Act of 1906 for future generations of Americans.
Collin O’Mara, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“We applaud President Obama’s initiative in setting aside nearly 1.8 million acres for posterity. By designating new national monuments under the Antiquities Act, the president follows a precedent set by President Theodore Roosevelt protecting our nation’s most iconic and biodiverse wildlife habitats.”

“The three new designations, Sand to Snow, Mojave Trails, and Castle Mountains, join together existing national preserves, forests and wilderness areas—creating a continuous swath of protected lands stretching for hundreds of miles across California. These new lands will enable California to be more resilient to fires and other extreme climate impacts while making it easier for new communities to access America’s national lands—illustrating the enduring importance of the Antiquities Act.”

Beth Pratt, California Director of the National Wildlife Federation, said:

“The California Desert is a key area for climate change and an integral part of the larger California ecosystem, especially for wildlife such as the desert tortoise and the bighorn sheep. The Desert is a big part of our geography and an important component of our national heritage, so it’s great to see regional protection of these lands facilitated through national monument designation. Protecting the area as a whole, rather than in little pockets, sends the message that Americans value diverse, connected landscapes.”

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