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National Wildlife Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest Winners

More Than 23,000 Entries from All Around the Globe

Washington, D.C. — The National Wildlife Federation is proud to announce the winners of the 48th annual National Wildlife® Photo Contest. Reflecting the glorious diversity of life on Earth — from Antarctic ice and African forest to quiet rural ponds and backyard blooms — the prestigious contest drew more than 23,000 entries from across the globe.

“Each winning photograph tells a moving story that reminds us of the wonders of nature and why we must fight to protect it,” said Lisa Moore, editorial director and editor-in-chief of National Wildlife® magazine. “We appreciate wildlife photographers — amateur and professional alike — who devote their time and talent to creating beautiful images ethically made in the wild. They can help us all feel a profound connection to the creatures who so desperately need our help to survive.”

By submitting their images, each photographer supports the National Wildlife Federation’s effort to protect wildlife species and their essential habitats — a mission that’s more important today than ever before.

This year’s winners hail from six different nations — Canada, China, England, France, Kuwait, and the United States — and 10 U.S. states: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont. Whether lifelong professionals or avid amateurs, all display a love of nature and an appreciation of how photography can inspire people to care about wildlife and wild lands, and to work for their protection.

In addition to the Grand Prize, the National Wildlife Federation announced first and second-place awards in each of eight categories: Mammals, Birds, Insects & Other Invertebrates, Underwater Wonders, People in Nature, Amphibians & Reptiles, Landscapes & Plants, and Youth — a new category for photographers age 13 to 17.

The National Wildlife Federation congratulates all 17 winners and thanks everyone who participated in the 2019 contest. All nature photographers — both amateur and professional — are also invited to enter the 49th annual contest, opening in January, 2020.

The winning images below are free for use and distribution with proper attribution given to the photographers and National Wildlife® magazine. Photo credits should be displayed as “[Photographer's name], 2019 National Wildlife® Photo Contest.” Please reach out to Jessica Ordóñez-Lancet at for print-sized versions.

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