New Federal Assessment Warns of Climate Impacts Across the United States

"The extreme weather we experienced this summer is just a sneak preview"

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The latest National Climate Assessment warns of the significant consequences that unchecked climate change will have on communities across the United States. 

“Unless we change course, climate change will continue to damage our quality of life. The extreme weather we experienced this summer is just a sneak preview,” said Mustafa Santiago Ali, the National Wildlife Federation’s executive vice president of conservation and justice. “Every community in the country will be affected, with marginalized communities facing additional risks that will increase societal inequities.

“The report also highlights reasons for optimism. The investments in the Inflation Reduction Act are already accelerating our transition toward clean energy, with renewables now generating more power than coal. If we move forward with intention, we will all live in a safer, cleaner and fairer nation tomorrow.”

Adrienne Hollis, the National Wildlife Federation’s vice president of environmental justice, health and community revitalization, was one of the authors of the federal effort to comprehensively assess the impacts of climate change in the United States. 




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