National Wildlife Week 2016 Educator Resources


Studying animals and their habitats can be a valuable learning experience for students of all ages. Developing and nurturing an appreciation of nature in our children is a fundamental element that safeguards the safety of our wildlife and environment.  Here we offer some lessons and activities that can be used to teach children about this year’s iconic species.




  • LEGO Curriculum for K-2 “The Monarch Mission”
    • Lesson 1 – Students will identify insects and their common characteristics
    • Lesson 2 – What do Monarch Butterflies Need to Survive
  • Pollinator’s Journey 
    • Students will perform a role play about a threatened migratory pollinator that will deepen their understanding of what a pollinator is, what threatens the species, and how species can be protected.
  • Butterfly Life Cycle (Grades K-4) 
    • Students identify life cycle stages of butterflies. Older students learn threats facing the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly at each state in its life cycle.


Mountain Lion:


Polar Bears:


River Otter:

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