Boni Biery

Boni Biery

Shoreline Community Wildlife – Habitat Team Coordinator
NWF Western Regional Center - Seattle, WA

Boni Biery is the Habitat Team Coordinator for Shoreline Community Wildlife near Seattle, WA. 

As team coordinator, she oversees the development of Shoreline's community wildlife habitat. “People may see what I do as tree-hugger issues until they look at the bigger picture. Then they recognize that the quality of our environment is tied to our city’s economic health, quality of life, identity and all the things that people moved to Shoreline for in the first place,” Biery said. “Finding more thoughtful ways to live on the earth can provide a big return on investment in all these areas.”

Biery serves on the Shoreline community Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board.  She volunteered to run the community wildlife habitat project after the idea was presented to the Sustainable Shoreline Education Association board. 

Now, after two years, she and a group of neighborhood volunteers have met more than half their goals of having 500 backyard/balcony habitats, 10 businesses, and five schools individually certified by NWF as wildlife habitats.. “It’s our volunteers in the community that make this happen and who do the work,” Biery said. “There are so many people who are working, who have kids, who still find time to volunteer and I’d like to honor them.”

You can read more about Biery's efforts and Shoreline's plans at the following sites:


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