Jack Nissen

Jack Nissen

President of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and NWF Delegate
Poynette, WI

Jack Nissen, President of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and NWF Delegate, is a true conservationist, demonstrated by his 15 years of involvement with the Wisconsin affiliate, his serving on numerous committees, and his commitment to getting children of all abilities outdoors. In addition to being a volunteer WWF board member, hunter education instructor, and his village president, Jack also serves on the Advisory Council of United Special Sportsman Association, a charity designed to provide hunting and angling opportunities to terminally ill and disabled children.  

“Strong conservation policy and conservation education have become my life, after being involved with WWF for so many years you begin to understand just how important our Natural Resource are to all of us.” – Jack Nissen

Jack recently spearheaded efforts to develop a youth committee within WWF, connecting with a young leader in the sporting community who is developing youth conservation clubs in high schools across the state that are now affiliated with WWF, providing valuable insights, opportunities and the next generation of conservationists.

For insights on getting youth involved in conservation, Wisconsin conservation policy, or how to fly to DC on 24 hours notice, meet with members of Congress and return in time for a turkey hunt (which Jack has been known to do), please feel free to contact him.

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