Jessian Choy

Jessian Choy

2001 Campus Ecology Fellow
University of California, Santa Cruz


Project: Jessian worked to develop the Student Environmental Center – a centralized means for promoting student collaboration on implementing environmentally sound practices on campus, supporting existing student environmental organizations, and encouraging the development of new groups. Thanks to Jessian’s Fellowship work, the Student Environmental Center has been going strong for nine years with over 70 students leading 10 campaigns in 2009, 300 people attending the Campus Earth Summit in 2008 and over $120,000 in funding per year.

What she is doing now: I can often be found on weekend nights researching toxic products to ban from my house.  I understand that everyone isn't as obsessive-compulsive about being green.


That’s why I have helped organizations create & implement green policies since 1999.  At SF Dept. of Environment, I:

  • Manage the data & design for the SF Approved List; which was in the NY Times & Fast Company.  The List of over 1,000 green products for your home or organization also helps 28,000 City staff be in compliance.
  • Work with the Purchasing Dept. to get the best contracted price for green products for all 28,000 SF City staff.
  • Help make it just as easy for SF City staff to recycle toxic products as it is to buy them. Implement the City's green purchasing laws, which requires manufacturers to disclose all ingredients.

In my free time, I train white crane Indonesian martial arts, and make instant friends by learning how to say "just kidding" in different languages.

Jessian on her Fellowship:NWF took a risk and invested in my idea for a campus ballot initiative that eventually created a permanent fund to green everything on campus: food, purchasing, transportation, zero waste, etc. As a result, we were able to bring [together] over 40 students, faculty and alumni to be a collective voice for creating a campus plan to save money and protect our health and environment and lay the groundwork for a new student fee that eventually funded a full-time program manager to build momentum even after new leaders replaced graduating students.


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