John Nuhn

John Nuhn

Photo Director
Headquarters, Reston VA

Photography is an integral part of NWF’s award-winning flagship publication, and my responsibility is to maintain that focus, keep the photographs appealing and ensure they tell the stories. 

Our photography is obtained mostly from freelance photographers and photo agencies.  I research, obtain, help select and finally acquire rights for most images in each issue and in the magazine’s online pages.  Fellow editors often assist in finding the right photos, as they are more familiar with the stories.  I help ensure correct color proofing for the press, and also oversee the magazine’s annual photo contest, the online Photos of the Week and the Caption Contest.  In addition, I assist other NWF staff with photography and rights questions, and advise where images can be found.

Working with photo industry groups is an important part of my job—it provides many networking opportunities and allows me to add NWF’s voice in guiding the industry.  Along that line, I am one of the founders of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and have served on the board and as its president.  I also was president of the NANPA Foundation and currently serve as a trustee.  I’m a founding Affiliate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), a past chapter president of the American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP), and a member of three other professional publishing industry groups.

Over the past decade, I have witnessed the huge change from film to digital.  At the same time, the Internet has altered the way photography is marketed, and photo-sharing sites have made all photography more accessible.  These changes have affected the publishing industry in a huge way, yet one thing is unchanged:  People love photos of nature and wildlife.  Our goal is to continue to bring NWF members the best that nature photography offers.

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