Josh Saks

Josh Saks

Legislative Director
National Advocacy Center
Washington, DC
Josh serves as National Wildlife Federation’s Legislative Director, helping set strategy and coordinate outreach to Members of Congress on key campaign priorities, including clean water and wetlands issues, energy policy, federal appropriations for wildlife conservation and protection of public lands in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain West. 

He joined NWF in 2010 as a Senior Legislative Representative for water resources campaigns where he worked on aquatic ecosystem restoration of America’s Great Waters, Clean Water Act defense, Army Corps reform and more. He has been invited to speak on environmental issues before the House Democratic Caucus, the House Finance Committee, the Congressional Black Caucus and an array of clean water conferences including the Great Lakes, Chesapeake and Restore America’s Estuary Conference.

Prior to NWF, Josh was the federal affairs associate for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and a Policy Analyst at the Clean Air Council in Philadelphia.

Josh has an B.A. from Ithaca College and is currently pursuing an M.A. in applied economics at the Johns Hopkins University.

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