Mary Delheim

Mary Dalheim

Editor, Ranger Rick
Headquarters - Reston, VA

When I tell adults I’m the Editor of Ranger Rick magazine, faces light up and the testimonials flow . . .

“Ranger Rick?! Ranger Rick was my favorite thing as a kid! I would carry around issues until they were tatty.”

“I read Ranger Rick when I was growing up. I’m a forest ecologist now. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so!”

“My grandpa gave me a subscription 25 years ago. I have wonderful memories of sharing those magazines with him. Now my daughter gets Ranger Rick, and I’m making new ‘wonderful memories’ with her.”

What more could a magazine editor ask for than to be part of something that for more than 40 years has generated so much love and joy? And as you can see from these responses, the magazine has also helped form the foundation for many lifelong connections to wildlife and the natural world.

Perhaps even more personally satisfying, though, are the letters I get from children who currently read Ranger Rick. Here’s one I just received:

“Dear Ranger Rick:
I know you are not a real person, but you’re nice to the world. I like how you save the world by recycling garbage and taking care of animals. … I wish I could save the world like you, and Boomer Badger, Scarlett Fox, Becky Hare, and Chester Chipmunk, but the only thing is, I have homework EVERY SINGLE DAY! ….”

Bringing the very best Ranger Rick experience to Sheyenne and hundreds of thousands of other children ages 7 and up is something I take very seriously. Every day I sit down with our talented group of writers, designers, photographers, and editors to assemble the best-possible mix of articles, art, and photography. Are the animal stories engaging enough? Are the photographs truly eye-popping? Is the overall feel of the issue fun, hopeful, and energetic? No magazine goes to press until the staff can say yes to these questions. We hope children’s monthly Ranger Rick experience is so powerful that today’s children will subscribe to Ranger Rick for THEIR children, and that the Ranger Rick tradition will carry on and on and on.

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