Matt Vander Sluis

Matt Vander Sluis

Global Warming Manager<br />Planning and Conservation League
Sacramento, CA

Matt Vander Sluis is the Global Warming Program Manager for our California affiliate, the Planning and Conservation League

In partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, Matt is working on a project called Teaming With Wildlife.  In this role, Matt has pulled together a coalition of 100 California organizations to fight for wildlife funding and protections from the impacts of climate change.  With Matt's guidance, these organizations also work closely with California's state agencies to make sure that wildlife planning in California takes into account the changing climate and the resources that will be needed to keep healthy populations of wildlife in California. 

With climate change and development, California's wildlife will have to deal with decreasing water availability, increasing fires, encroaching invasive species, and decreasing habitat, so NWF is glad that Matt is there to provide a voice for our wildlife as we find solutions to make California a better place for everyone."

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