Nicole Wood

Nicole Wood

NWF Board Member

Nicole Wood manages over 7,000 acres of land in Southern Missouri for managed hunting.  The goal for Wood Land and Cattle is to restore the previously logged hills in the Current River Water Shed. Nicole previously owned her own business more than 15 years selling school bus parts to school districts, contractors, and repair shops primarily in the Midwest.  As the Manager-Owner of Woodland Parts Supply, LLC, she focused on safety and education and is working on expanding to the entire nation with the help of the internet. Spending years working with school districts has fostered a love for education that reaches to the safeguarding of nature. Understanding education is the building block for a better future for the children of our country and is one of the reasons she feels that NWF can help offer a better environment for our grandkids.  

Enjoying the outdoors has played an important role in forming the woman she is today. Being the daughter of a Conservation Commissioner of the State of Missouri has provided a unique life experience by allowing her to see firsthand from the inside view the obstacles that need to be overcome in upcoming years. Attending the Conservation Federation of Missouri conferences since being a small child has taught her about the need for conservation for the long term.

Prior to her becoming a board member, Nicole was on NWF’s President’s Advisory Council. She also has been a Chairman on the State School Bus Safety Competition and on the Board of Directors of the Bonne Terre Hospital Foundation and the Parkland Hospital Foundation. She has been a member of the MO Association Pupil Transportation, KS Pupil Transportation Association, Iowa Pupil Transportation Association, MO School Bus Contractor Association, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri.

Nicole believes that preservation is a top priority for the continuation for hunting and fishing. Nicole has taken advantage of the multitude of hunting options the Midwest provides. Keeping these opportunities available for the next generation is significant priority to everyone in her family. The lake they live on in Terre Du Lac provides remarkable area for anglers in St. Francois County. She has horses and cattle on her farm not far from her residence where her girls are taught about the importance of wildlife habitat.  Nicole is also an avid golfer, kayaker, and boater. 

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