Richie Blink

Richie Blink

Plaquemines Community Outreach Coordinator, Mississippi River Delta Restoration

South Central Regional Office
New Orleans, LA

Richie Blink is the Plaquemines Community Outreach Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation’s Restore the Mississippi River Delta campaign. In his role Richie works closely with local stakeholders to ensure widespread support of restoration of the Mississippi River Delta. Prior to joining the campaign Richie was employed with Plaquemines Parish Government as the Coastal Zone Program Manager to achieve zero net loss of wetlands.

Richie uses his extensive knowledge of the Mississippi River Delta for both work and play. He has organized grassroots wetland restoration efforts that resulted in the planting of more than 15,000 cypress trees to reverse land loss and reduce storm surge near his home south of New Orleans. He serves as a board member of the Woodlands Conservancy, a nonprofit land trust organization focused on preservation of Louisiana’s coastal forest ecosystems. In his free time he guides motorboat tours into Louisiana’s coastal wetlands for Lost Lands Environmental Tours L3C, a low-profit limited liability company required by law to “significantly further the accomplishment of one or more charitable or educational purposes. Always exploring, Richie holds a private pilot license and is a licensed boat captain.

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