Ryan Fikes

Ryan Fikes

Staff Scientist

Gulf of Mexico Restoration Campaign
Austin, Texas
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“I love that my work at NWF supports a practical approach to science-based decision-making. When it comes to Gulf Coast restoration and recovery, this is vital to success.”

Ryan brings a much needed science perspective to NWF on issues related to the ecology of the Gulf region, and the impacts of the Gulf oil disaster on fish, wildlife, and important habitats. A primary example has been through his lead role in developing NWF’s most recent wildlife impacts report, “Four Years into the Gulf Oil Disaster: Still Waiting for Restoration,” in which 14 species are profiled for associated impacts. In addition, he has been proactive in advancing NWF’s general presence in the Gulf; for example, by drafting a white paper on artificial reefs in the Gulf, in advance of working with other NGO’s to develop guidance on the use of artificial reefs for restoration.

Ryan has a wealth of experience on Gulf restoration efforts, has extensive contacts with scientists working on Gulf issues, and is well connected with state and federal agency resource managers. Ryan has substantially contributed to drafting several comment letters for the NGO community on science planning associated with the oil disaster response and recovery. Ryan has provided scientific input into our comment letters on Gulf policy, fundraising appeals, and formal comment on RESTORE-related science programs, including NOAA and NAS. He also assumed an early leadership role in developing NWF’s Gulf restoration projects portfolio, “Restoring the Gulf of Mexico for People and Wildlife: Recommended Projects and Priorities”, which was provided to the Restore Council.

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