Top 5 Enterprises Using Social Media

Mashable names National Wildlife Federation one of five enterprises you might not have thought of as "social media savvy," but that are no less capable of leading the charge

10-05-2010 // Zachary Sniderman - Mashable

This excerpt is from an article appearing on Mashable

...There are countless enterprises--from mega brands promoting campaigns, to small business owners growing their presences--maximizing social media in their day-to-day. In choosing these five to highlight, we looked for both creativity and success. You'll notice that shoo-ins like Old Spice and Pepsi Co. are missing. Instead, we focused on enterprises you might not have thought of as "social media savvy," but that are no less capable of leading the charge.

Which enterprises really get social media?...

1. The National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is a U.S. non-profit dedicated to conservation and advocacy. Moreover, it has shown a commitment to social media to help raise awareness and build community. Its social media page collects all of its (many) accounts.

Rather than update from a social media hivemind, the non-profit has created individual channels, communities and accounts to update and connect with its unique audiences. Just want to know about Alaska? There’s a Facebook Page for that. Want to connect with staffers? There's a Twitter List for that, too.

The woman behind much of the effort is Danielle Brigida, the Digital Media Marketing Manager at NWF. Each department runs its own social network feed with Brigida acting more as a social media consultant to help NWF connect. "We're reconnecting with people we may not be able to touch personally," Brigida says, noting that some of the NWF's long-term members "now feel more connected than ever because we can reach them on Facebook."

As far as converting the NWF staff, Brigida used the strategy "if you use it right, it feels right," and turned skeptics into social media enthusiasts and evangelists.

Social media has helped the NWF reach a younger audience and improve engagement, even leading to a mobile app. Still, their efforts have remained on-brand. "Our history has been [one of] a very grassroots organization," Brigida said. "Social media is sort of getting back to our roots where every individual who can support something or speak up can do that."

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