NWF's Symons calls Keystone XL a scam, says oil will not be used to benefit Americans

01-17-2012 // Monica Trauzzi - E&E TV

This excerpt is from E&E TV

Do the environmental consequences of the Keystone XL project outweigh the economic benefits? During today's OnPoint, Jeremy Symons, senior vice president at the National Wildlife Federation, explains why he believes the oil industry will use Keystone XL to raise prices and export supplies outside of the United States. He also discusses the political consequences President Obama faces if he approves the project.


Monica Trauzzi: Hello and welcome to OnPoint. I'm Monica Trauzzi. Joining me today is Jeremy Symons, senior vice president of the National Wildlife Federation. Jeremy, thanks for coming back on the show.

Jeremy Symons: Thanks for having me.

Monica Trauzzi: Jeremy, as the countdown on Keystone continues, both sides are lobbying hard for and against the pipeline. There's a big disparity on the number of jobs that Keystone XL might actually create. Disparity aside, however, it does seem like this would be a job creator and an economic boost for the United States. So how can we not consider such a project that could be such a boost for the U.S. economy?

Jeremy Symons: Well, let's consider the source first of all of who says this is an economic boost. It's the oil companies who have only one goal and that's to increase their profits. They don't care about our overall economy or the health of you and me. In fact, they're taking the money from our pockets every day. What we really know about this job -- about this pipeline is that it's a scam. This pipeline is designed to take oil from Canada, bypass Midwest northern refineries and take it down to the Gulf so they can export it. There's no American jobs in taking Canadian oil and selling it to China. We get the pollution, Canada gets the jobs, China is going to get the oil.

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