Praise for proposed fuel economy rules at Detroit EPA hearing

01-17-2012 // Sarah Cwiek - Michigan Radio

This excerpt is from Michigan Public Radio

Union leaders, environmental groups and some auto industry representatives are applauding new fuel efficiency standards proposed by President Obama.

The Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing on the new rules in Detroit Tuesday.

The Obama administration’s proposed rule actually measures greenhouse gas emissions. But when translated into the usual lingo, that’s about 54 miles per gallon—roughly double the current standard.

Environmentalists, like National Wildlife Federation CEO Larry Schweiger, are thrilled.

“This is the biggest single step America has taken to cut carbon pollution and to reduce our dependence,” Schweiger said.

Carmakers and unions had long opposed such stringent standards, calling them job-killers that make new cars too expensive.

But the Detroit automakers and the UAW are on board this time. They think it’s technologically and economically feasible now, the time frame is long enough to adjust, and they’d rather have one aggressive national standard than different state regulations.

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