Report: Dolphins heavily affected by oil spill

04-11-2012 // Claire Taylor - The Advertiser

This excerpt is from The Advertiser

As the two-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill approaches, the National Wildlife Federation this week released a report on the health of wildlife and wetlands along the Gulf coast.

The report, titled "A Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Two Years Into the Gulf Oil Disaster," was written by NWF Senior Scientist Doug Inkley.

The federal government, as required in the Oil Spill Pollution Act, is conducting a Natural Resources Damage Assessment to determine the impact of the more than 200 millilon gallons of oil that flowed from the well.

The public will not know the full impact of the oil disaster until the results of those confidential studies are released.

Since the BP spill, more than 500 dolphins were found stranded in the oil spill area; only 5 percent of them were alive, Inkley reported. That's four times the historical average of stranded dolphins.

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