NWF Defends Interior Nominee

Conservation Group Deplores “Petty Tactics” of Senate Republicans in Blocking Interior Department Nomination

05-13-2009 // Blair Johnson

WASHINGTON – Following the U.S. Senate’s vote today to block the nomination of David Hayes as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Interior, the National Wildlife Federation’s Vice President for Conservation Policy, Jim Lyon, issued the following statement:

“Lacking any legitimate objections, the Senate Republicans are resorting to petty tactics to block a nominee with impeccable credentials. For the good of the country, they need to get over it – so Secretary Salazar can put his team in place and focus on important matters.

“In only a few months, Secretary Salazar has made huge strides at Interior. He’s restored balance to the Bush Administration’s oil and gas leasing program that was running roughshod over public lands and wildlife habitat in the West. Meanwhile, Secretary Salazar has made great progress in cleaning up a scandal-ridden department and reinvigorating its employees.

“Interior employees have important work to do for the people – and it’s time to let them roll up their sleeves and get at it.”

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