Warner Bros. Pictures and NWF Team Up To Launch Eco-Schools USA With the Movie SHORTS

Warner Bros. Pictures is pleased to partner with National Wildlife Federation to make people aware of the Eco-Schools USA program and help kids across the country envision a greener future for everyone

08-17-2009 // NWF Media Team

RESTON, VA -- The National Wildlife Federation is teaming up with Warner Bros. Pictures and FTL Solar to introduce the international Eco-Schools program to Americans with the sweepstakes "Eco-Schools USA: Rock Your Green Wish With the Movie SHORTS." The sweepstakes asks students to “Make a ‘green wish’ for your school!” Students grades 1-12 can enter daily at the Eco-Schools section.

Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, SHORTS follows a mysterious rainbow-colored rock which grants wishes to anyone who holds it. Before long, wishes-gone-wrong have created a neighborhood’s worth of outrageous magical mayhem in this action-adventure comedy.

Eco-Schools is an acclaimed international program that helps educators integrate sustainable principles into their schools and classrooms. The program currently is being implemented in 43 countries, involving 6 million students, 400,000 teachers, 27,000 schools and 4,000 local authorities. National Wildlife Federation recently was granted official Eco-School host status for K-12 facilities in the United States; beginning in September, it will start registering schools across the country as a part of the Eco-Schools USA program.

"Our nation’s schools play a critical role in preparing students for the emerging green economy,” said Kevin Coyle, National Wildlife Federation’s Vice President for Education and Training. “Eco-Schools can help by fostering the next generation of environmental stewards.” The National Wildlife Federation expects to recruit more than 5,000 U.S. schools to the program in the next five years.

“Warner Bros. Pictures is pleased to partner with National Wildlife Federation to make people aware of the Eco-Schools USA program and help kids across the country envision a greener future for everyone,” said Nicole Sedita, Vice President, Warner Bros. National Promotions.

The sweepstakes-winning school will receive a solar tent, the FTL Solar PowerMod, a freestanding 10X10 solar powered structure that can generate 1 kw hour per day. Runner-up schools will win mobile solar chargers, completely portable personal chargers that roll out to a 2X6 mat and roll up for easy transport & storage.

"FTL Solar is happy to promote the launch of the Eco-Schools program in the United States and give more kids and teachers a chance to get hands-on experience with new green technology," said Tony Saxton, FTL Solar CEO. FTL Solar is the world’s first developer and manufacturer of lightweight, flexible, tensile fabrics and structures embedded with thin-film solar cells. The Texas-based company’s products can be sealed to shelter and power a range of mission-critical applications; in remote regions, these power-generating shelters eliminate the need to transport and burn fossil fuels.

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For more information about the SHORTS Sweepstakes and the NWF & WB collaboration, contact:

Carey Stanton, Senior Director of Education
National Wildlife Federation

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