Removing Feral Swine Tops Agenda at National Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting

State Delegates from Across the Nation Assemble to Vote on Conservation Issues

05-21-2012 // Aislinn Maestas

Conservation leaders from around the nation assembled this week in Shepherdstown, West Virginia to vote on an array of pressing conservation issues as part of the National Wildlife Federation’s annual meeting.

Topping this year’s agenda was a resolution in support of increased efforts to eradicate feral swine, a highly destructive invasive species. The issue has grown in urgency as existing laws, regulations, and management have proved insufficient to stop their spread, resulting in extensive damage to natural habitats and wildlife. The continued growth and spread of feral swine populations illustrates the need for increased coordination and effort between local, state and federal agencies.

Delegates from 48 state and territorial wildlife affiliate organizations passed the feral swine resolution and five others aimed at addressing important conservation issues. These resolutions:

  • Call for the President, Congress and federal agencies to implement policies and funding mechanisms to protect Hawaiian monk seal habitat and promote the recovery and reestablishment of the species throughout its native range;
  • Urge support of management efforts to reduce impacts of climate change to resources such as forests, wildlife and coasts;
  • Call for full implementation and enforcement of all policies and programs relating to agricultural tile drainage and consider impacts to wildlife, water management, and water quality to determine the most appropriate strategies to manage water to protect natural resources and local communities from adverse impacts.
  • Call on the U.S. to live up to its financial commitment to  the Cairo Programme of Action  addressing world population;
  • Support fostering leadership development of young professionals in resources conservation, and that conservation agencies embrace and develop programs that actively engage an increasingly diverse society.

The Federation’s affiliates meet every year to establish policy for the National Wildlife Federation.

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