National Wildlife Federation and Kentucky Waterways Alliance Join Forces

"NWF is eager to grow their partnership with KWA"

07-14-2014 // Jen Mihills

CaoesKentucky Waterways Alliance and the National Wildlife Federation have joined forces to protect wildlife and water resources for future generations.  Approved by unanimous vote by NWF’s Board of Directors, Kentucky Waterways Alliance has been selected as the National Wildlife Federation’s 49th state affiliate.  This partnership will link conservation efforts from Appalachia and the Cumberland Plateau to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to align our efforts of protecting and preserving Kentucky’s waterways with one of the most effective conservation groups in the country," said Judy Petersen, executive director of Kentucky Waterways Alliance. "Kentucky Waterways Alliance has worked tirelessly over the past 21 years to win better protection for Kentucky’s waterways through communitybased efforts, advocacy and educational outreach.  We have been working with NWF staff and other state affiliates for years, and we are excited to finally make this an official partnership."

"A well-known organization, Kentucky Waterways Alliance has been a champion in the fight for clean water, and we are eager to grow our partnership with them," said Hilary Falk, regional executive director at the National Wildlife Federation. "With the many accomplishments Kentucky Waterways Alliance has contributed in the fight against water pollution in Kentucky waterways, we do not doubt that this affiliation will be an immense asset to NWF. We look forward to the great conservation work we will accomplish together."

"Both Kentucky Waterways Alliance and the National Wildlife Federation are dedicated to inspiring people to take an active role in protecting our natural resources," said Petersen. "We are excited about the collective impact we will have by joining together with a nationwide organization to protect and restore our ecosystems."

Kentucky is part of NWF’s Mid-Atlantic region, one of six such regions throughout the United States. Affiliates in each region work together to advance conservation and protect the region’s unique natural treasures. The Mid-Atlantic region includes Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia. Founded in 1936, NWF has more than four million members and supporters nationwide. Affiliate representatives elect the NWF Board of Directors and set the organization’s policy objectives in the form of resolutions. NWF has a total of 49 state affiliates. 


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