Conservation Groups Use Halloween to Expose Big Oil Tricks and Promote Clean Energy Treats

Rally on steps of Michigan State Capitol reveals industry’s sneaky attempts to derail clean energy policy.

10-29-2009 // Jeff Alexander

Clean energy advocates dressed in wind turbine and solar panel costumes took to the steps of Michigan’s State Capitol today to rip the mask off Big Oil’s campaign to defeat federal clean energy legislation.

Participants said the event was held to shed light on the “deceitful campaign” Big Oil and its allies are using to stop Michigan and the rest of the nation from realizing the economic potential of clean energy. They also put to rest Big Oil’s “tricks” by symbolically burying them beneath tombstones on the Capitol steps.

This Halloween, citizens are urged not to be scared by Big Oil’s dirty tricks that will keep us from our clean energy treats,” said Danielle Korpalski, regional outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation. “Clean energy could create more than 50,000 new jobs in Michigan jobs and billions of dollars in new investment.”

Industry spends over $100 million to derail clean energy legislation

The oil industry, which gave America $4-per gallon gasoline and racked up record profits in 2008, has spent more than $100 million on its campaign to defeat federal clean energy legislation.

The U.S. Senate will soon begin deliberations on the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed clean energy jobs legislation over the summer.

The proposed legislation would drive the development of a clean energy economy that could create 2 million new jobs nationwide.  It will also increase America’s energy independence, improve energy efficiency and slow climate change.