EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases a Public Danger

EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases a Public Danger

12-07-2009 // Tony Iallonardo

Today the Environmental Protection Agency made final its determination that global warming pollution constitutes a public danger (EPA link) and is virtually certain to act boldly under its authority under the Clean Air Act. The news comes just as international climate talks begin in Copenhagen.

Joe Mendelson, Global Warming Policy Director for National Wildlife Federation served as co-counsel throughout the landmark case (Mass. v EPA) that resulted in this decision. Mendelson hailed the decision, saying:

“This action clears the way for serious measures to reduce the pollution that is accelerating global warming, and the timing couldn’t be better.  The Obama administration’s action today enforces the Clean Air Act and strengthens the President’s hand for the upcoming talks to forge a global deal to fight climate change. 

“The announcement follows the recent diplomatic breakthrough with China and India, who both announced their willingness to take action to control pollution if the world acts. For the first time ever, the leaders of the world will gather with offers to act from China and the United States, the world’s two biggest emitters.  I am optimistic that the talks will yield a workable plan to protect our children’s future.”

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