Transportation Bill Hits Dangerous Detour

Keystone Pipeline Provision Jeopardizes Legislation

04-18-2012 // Miles Grant
U.S. Capitol

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a second 90-day extension of the existing transportation bill. The bill would extend transportation funding through September 30.

Jeremy Symons, senior vice president for conservation and education of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“House leaders are grandstanding on the Keystone pipeline once again for their oil company allies, but this effort to take the decision out of the hands of safety regulators should die in conference. The Senate has already voted down this poison pill during their debate on the transportation bill, and the White House yesterday issued a veto threat if Keystone and other polluter loopholes are included in the bill.

“House leaders are jeopardizing not just transportation funding, but the critically-needed RESTORE Act that dedicates BP’s fines and penalties from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster to Gulf Coast restoration and makes new investments in the Land and Water Conservation Fund. As the bill moves to conference, Congress should leave out poison pills so we can make bipartisan progress to restore one of nation’s most prized ecosystems while building a 21st century transportation system.”

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